Judge Orders Lohan Back into Rehab

Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Elden S. Fox ordered actress Lindsey Lohan to remain at the Betty Ford Center until January 3 and report back to court in late February.

Prosecutor Danette Meyers, who has handled the case since its filing, told Judge Fox that Lohan had entered rehab for a fifth time last month only because she was afraid of going back to jail.  "The only reason she's in Betty Ford is because the court was going to send her to jail," Meyers said. "She didn't have some epiphany."  The prosecutor had recommended a six-month jail sentence for the actress, but Judge Fox opted for rehab after reviewing reports by probation and rehab officials and a letter written by Lohan.

The actress cried after hearing the sentence.

The judge had threatened to send Lohan to jail for 30 days for each drug test she skipped or failed. He ordered her held for nearly a month during a hearing in September, but another judge overturned his ruling and Lohan has been free on bail and in inpatient rehab voluntarily since then.

Lohan is due back in court on February 25.

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