Man Arrested for Driving a Lawnmower Under the Influence

Kenwood resident John Poshepny was stopped by a CHP officer when he left the parking lot of the Kenwood Market. The CHP said he was seen riding a law mower leaving a market that did not have lights and was difficult to see, according to the CHP.  Poshepny, who lives within two blocks of the market, told the CHP officer he occasionally uses the mower to drive to the store to get groceries.

Poshepny was found with a brown bottle in a brown paper bag, and the CHP officer stated he smelled alcohol on his breath, he also slurred his speech and staggered. Poshepny  was arrested for driving under the influence and taken to the Sonoma County jail, where he was cited and released. Poshepny had a valid driver's license and no prior DUI arrests.

According to a CHP spokeman, DUI laws apply to all motorized vehicles and driving on the roadway. If a motorized mower or any other motorized vehicle is used on a public roadway, a driver's license and registration are required. If a sober gardener is just mowing grass door-to-door, the mower is allowed on the road, according to the CHP.

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