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DUI in California is a very serious offense and can lead to a great deal of hardship and unwanted repercussions, punishments that include losing your driver's license. This can leave you with many questions and concerns about achieving important day to day activities. How will I get to and from work? Will I lose my job because of this inability to drive legally? How will I meet my family's needs? Putting you in this position can truly change your life drastically and put you in an untenable situation. Fortunately, strong and capable help is available to you by making contact with a Palmdale criminal defense lawyer. We can calm your fears and begin the process of restoring your right to drive after a DUI.

After a first time DUI conviction, it is quite normal to have your license revoked for a period of 4 months. Suspension up to a full year may occur if you refused to submit to chemical testing after you were arrested. Repeat convictions can lead to 1-2 year license revocation. It is possible to pursue a reduction in the length of your license suspension or even a full dismissal of your revocation, but swift action is needed to seek these options. Your attorney must request a DMV hearing within 10 days of the end of your trial. Missing these crucial deadlines can leave you without any further options to reinstate your license.


At the Law Offices of David M. Wallin, we understand the difficult position that a license suspension can put you and your family in. Our attorneys have been representing clients in 3-5 DMV hearings per week for 15+ years. This experience and knowledge could be crucial in your case. Our team cares about getting the results you need, and we will work diligently to preserve your legal rights.

Swift action is needed if you have been convicted of DUI and had your license revoked. Contact a Lancaster criminal defense lawyer today for hard-hitting legal assistance.

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