How to Avoid a DUI

A DUI can adversely affect your life in more ways than one. While many of us are aware of the consequences a DUI may bring, so many people continue to take that risk and get behind the wheel even when they’ve had too much to drink. During the holidays, people are more likely to partake in adult festivities, which often involve alcohol. When your guard is down and you are in the midst of enjoying yourself at a social function, it is easy to get caught up in the moment and have a few drinks, even if you have to drive. However, doing so can be a dangerous and costly mistake.

Consider the following tips in avoiding a DUI:

  • First things first, don’t drink and drive! If you know you’re going to drink, make sure you have a designated driver with you or utilize a service like Uber or Lyft.
  • Ensure you are under the legal limit by drinking plenty of water in between drinks, as well as pacing yourself. In the state of California,. Vehicle Code 23152(a) is the charge for driving with any alcohol in your system. Vehicle Code 23152(b) is the charge for driving with a 0.08% or higher BAC. Both are criminal offenses that can have long term repercussions.
  • Pay extra attention to the traffic laws, law enforcement will be on high alert as they look for any suspicious drivers and have the legal authority to pull someone over for any infraction.
  • If you are pulled over, you should comply with the requests of Law Enforcement.
    Portraying a negative attitude won’t help the situation.
  • If you do make a mistake of driving while under the influence, give us a call to discuss your case and options you may have.

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