Domestic Violence Charges in California – What You Need to Know

Domestic violence allegations may be brought by family members, spouses, former spouses, those who are in a romantic relationship, and those who have had a child together. In California, domestic violence is a serious crime that involves several types of actions. These include stalking, harassment, kidnapping, assault, criminal mischief, homicidesexual assault, rape, & other sex crimes.

A conviction of domestic violence may lead to:

  • Heavy fines
  • Eviction from the defendant’s home (if shared with the plaintiff)
  • Prison sentences
  • Temporary or permanent restraining orders

In addition, domestic violence will affect your ability to obtain custody of your children in a divorce. If you have been accused of domestic violence, our firm can investigate the allegations and work hard to build a solid case. Self-defense is a possible option for fighting the charges, as well as claiming that the plaintiff is using deliberately false accusations. Furthermore, a de minimis offense (meaning the action is too slight to be charged as domestic violence), may also help you seek to lessen or drop the charges. Witness statements, medical records, and documentation of the incident may be used to support your argument in court.

We Are Committed to Defending Your Rights Against Domestic Violence Charges

A conviction of domestic violence can have lasting negative impacts on your life. Thus, it is important to seek experienced representation as soon as possible. Our Antelope Valley criminal defense attorneys can conduct a thorough investigation to determine the facts of your case. From start to finish, we will tenaciously uphold your rights as you pursue a favorable outcome.

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