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Law enforcement officials and prosecutors take drug manufacturing very seriously and often try to seek the heaviest penalties they can for these types of cases. This is due in part to the fact that the chemicals used during the manufacturing of these substances carry a high risk of fire or explosion. If you have been charged with a drug crime, get in touch with a Lancaster criminal defense attorney immediately and learn what you can do to defend yourself.

Our team at the Law Offices of David M. Wallin is ready to stand by your side and fight for you case.According to the state of California and the federal government, it is illegal to manufacture a controlled substance. Drug manufacturing includes the growing of plants that are used as drugs themselves or used to make drugs, as well as the creation of drugs by mixing together certain chemicals. The types of drugs that fall under this law include marijuana, PCP, cocaine, MDMA (ecstasy), heroin, methamphetamine, steroids and others.


When faced with a drug manufacturing charge, you may be feeling overwhelmed and frightened of what will happen to you and how it may affect your family. The penalties for this drug crime can include: heavy fines, probation, mandatory drug rehab or treatment, community service, incarceration in either a state or federal prison, or even deportation if you are not a US citizen.

Drug manufacturing offenses may also bring about other drug charges as well, which could add even more time to a prison sentence. A drug manufacturing conviction is no light matter and if you are being faced with this serious charge, you need to have an experienced attorney who understands these types of cases.

Contact a Palmdale criminal defense lawyer from our firm immediately if you have been charged with drug manufacturing and would like to know what your rights are.

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