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Are you facing charges for petty theft? If you are accused of taking someone else's property, you may face theft charges and will be in need of an experienced Palmdale criminal defense attorney to protect you against a conviction and the various penalties this may bring.


Petty theft is a type of theft crime that involves taking property valued at $400 or less. Shoplifting/retail theft is often classified as petty theft, although it may be charged as grand theft if the property taken is worth more than $400.

There are different ways that a person may commit petty theft:

  • By taking property without the owner's consent or knowledge, sometimes committed without the property owner even knowing that the offense is occurring;
  • By trick or deception, such as switching tags on merchandise or attempting to return items that were not purchased in the first place;
  • By embezzlement, committed by a person in a position of responsibility over funds or property; or
  • By making false promises or using false pretenses to obtain another's property.

A criminal record may have a significantly negative impact on employment and educational opportunities. A potential employer may see a petty theft conviction on an applicant's record and may think twice about hiring him or her. The employer sees the conviction and wonders "can I trust this person?" Therefore, a theft conviction, even for petty theft, may have lasting consequences for a defendant.


Our firm has more than 50 years of collective criminal defense experience to provide to your case, and our founding attorney is a former Deputy District Attorney and Certified Criminal Law Specialist. We know how to fight petty theft charges and will utilize all of our experience and resources on your behalf.

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